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We enable medium and emerging companies in the engineering and construction sectors by providing them with a significant competitive advantage and bigger market opportunities.

AKAREE matches real estate owners or investors with engineering, construction & architecture professionals. Our integrated database of reliable professionals makes connections seamless, resulting in higher efficiency, simplified processes, and streamlined communication between all stakeholders. Our platform is also the source where professionals can stay up to date about the industry’s latest news, best practices, innovation and tools.

We cater to real estate investors, whether companies managing a construction project or individuals planning to build a home, as well as owners looking to renovate and maintain their properties. Through our platform, they will be connected to suitable vendors and service providers across categories.

AKAREE offers an array of services with the three following main features:

AKAREE is the solution for the hindering process of finding the right vendors, getting fair prices, and establishing a communication flow away from the often costly misunderstandings.

By using our platform, companies, project managers and real estate owners will browse and access the best vendors within their projects’ area without resorting to unreliable sources like word of mouth. They can negotiate quotes and ensure they get the best rates, as our bidding system will have relevant vendors compete to win the project.

At the same time, service providers will get an unparalleled reach no matter the type of service, their size, or whether they are self-employed or companies. They can showcase their skills and portfolios and even advertise their services on the platform. This targeted and increased exposure to the right audience will open the door for more business opportunities and thus increase their profits and revenues.

All stakeholders will benefit from an optimized collaboration at every step of the construction project, higher accountability, reduced costs and delays, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Akaree.com was established by a group of leading industry professionals who identified gaps at each step of the construction process, from planning to execution and maintenance. Together they decided to tackle these issues and find a solution to simplify and provides a seamless experience for stakeholders in an otherwise complex and sometimes rigid industry.

We will be adding new features and tools over time to make Akaree.com the go-to platform for all the stakeholders in the construction industry.

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